How do I set up auto-billing?

Auto-billing is the action of automatically charging your client’s credit card that is stored on a recurring profile.  You can enter the credit card number into the recurring profile itself when you create it.  Your client won’t have to do anything, they will just receive a paid invoice (receipt) on a recurring basis after their card is charged.

1. Go to “Invoices -> Recurring”

2. Click on “New Recurring Profile”

3. Create your recurring profile as you normally would.

4. You can choose ‘FreshBooks’ as your auto-bill option, and a credit card information box will appear (indicated). Enter the appropriate information! Alternatively, you can also choose any other auto-bill capable gateway as your auto-bill gateway of choice. For a full overview, check out this page.

5. The “billing address” that will be associated with the credit card is what you have registered as the client’s address in FreshBooks, so make sure that you have everything entered correctly.

6. Click “Save”.  Relax and be glad knowing that your invoices will pay themselves off automatically upon generation.


FreshBooks safely stores your client’s credit card number in the system.   Because of security concerns, credit card numbers can not be retrieved after it has been entered.

Every FreshBooks account comes with 5 free auto-bills (# of recurring profiles that have auto-billing turned on). If you are using FreshBooks Payments, auto-bills are free to use!

If you prefer to use one of the payment gateway integrations instead, you can choose to upgrade and purchase more auto-bills whenever you want…

$10/month for 50 auto-bills

$20/month for 250 auto-bills

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