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Online Payments

Payments Supported by Freshbooks

Note: Payments Supported by Freshbooks is only available to new US users as of July 21st, 2014.  The following only applies to those users. If you are an existing FreshBooks user that would like to sign up for a notification… Continue reading »

How do I connect my Stripe payment gateway to Freshbooks?

Would you like to connect your Stripe account to FreshBooks? The connection between FreshBooks and Stripe is the easiest you will ever use. You can even sign up directly from your FreshBooks account. To use Stripe with FreshBooks simply follow… Continue reading »

Recommended replacements for Google Checkout

On November 20, 2013, Google will be retiring its online payment processor Google Checkout. If you are are currently using Google Checkout to process credit card transactions in FreshBooks and would like an alternative, we are recommending the following two… Continue reading »

Which payment gateway should I choose?

Navigation:   Gateway Comparison Table   Gateway Profiles – PayPal   Gateway Profiles – Other Gateways Gateway Comparison Note: You can enable gateways as the account administrator by going to Settings (top right) and the online payment section. Aside from… Continue reading »

How do I connect FreshBooks to a payment gateway to allow for online payments?

To connect your payment gateway to your FreshBooks account, you’ll want to: Login to your FreshBooks account Click on Settings (top right of the page), then Accept Credit Cards (sub tab on the left) Choose the appropriate Payment Gateway from… Continue reading »

How do I connect my Braintree payment gateway to FreshBooks?

Do you have a Braintree account and want to connect it to your FreshBooks account? Are you thinking of signing up for a Braintree account and want to see what is required to get it connected with your FreshBooks account?… Continue reading »

How do I update my iTransact authentication method?

Login to your iTranact account by visting: Click on your “Account Settings” option at the top. Under your “Advanced Features” area, please make note of your “API Username” and “API Key” Note: Ensure that you have enabled API Access… Continue reading »

Can I add an online payment gateway through the iPhone app?

If you have a PayPal Standard account (Personal, Premier or Business), you can easily add in your PayPal credentials to your FreshBooks account: 1.  Tap the Settings gear icon in the upper left 2.  Tap on ‘Get Paid with PayPal’… Continue reading »

My PayPal email is not associated with a PayPal account.

If you received an email that states that: “This payment could not be completed because the PayPal account you have provided, ‘xxxxxx’, is not associated with a PayPal account. You have possibly made a typo or entered the wrong email… Continue reading »

Can my clients pay invoices partially online using FreshBooks?

FreshBooks does not support online partial payments.  Your customers need to pay the full amount of the invoice when paying you through an integrated payment gateway. That being said, there are ways that you can work around this: A. Mark… Continue reading »

How do I record a refund in FreshBooks?

FreshBooks can not process refunds for you.  If you received a payment online through FreshBooks, you can not reverse that payment through FreshBooks.  You will need to do the following: A. Process a refund manually through your payment gateway (PayPal,… Continue reading »

Do my clients need a PayPal account to pay through PayPal?

The answer to this question is Yes and No as it’s dependent on the PayPal account type that you have. FreshBooks currently integrates with 3 PayPal account types: Standard (includes 3 tiers, see below) Payflow Pro – No, your client… Continue reading »

What does it mean when Authorize.Net gives the error code: “This Transaction cannot be accepted/processed”

This means that your Authorize.Net account is having problems integrating with FreshBooks.  Don’t worry, it can be solved!  You just need to reset your transaction key in Authorize.Net and enter it into your FreshBooks account. STEPS: Log on to the… Continue reading »

How do the three types of PayPal Standard accounts impact my client’s payment experience?

In Paypal Standard, there are three types of accounts: 1) Personal – Your client can not pay you by credit card.  They can only pay your via PayPal transfer of funds from their own PayPal account.  When trying to pay… Continue reading »

I don’t know my client’s credit card number. Can they set themselves up for auto-billing?

Yes, they certainly can!  If you have created a recurring profile in FreshBooks, your clients can choose to be auto-billed in the future when they manually pay their first invoice. 1. Create a recurring profile for a client. 2. You… Continue reading »

PayPal Error Message – “We can’t process your payment right now, so please try again later.”

What’s happening: Your clients are trying to pay you and they encounter the error message: ”We can’t process your payment right now, so please try again later” after entering all their credit card details in the PayPal interface.  They also might… Continue reading »

What Payment Gateways does FreshBooks integrate with?

The following payment gateways integrate with FreshBooks: PayPal Payflow Pro Authorize.Net iTransact Linkpoint (now FirstData) PSiGate PayPal Website Payments PRO PayPal Beanstream eWay (for Australia) BluePay Braintree Stripe – Where can I find my API Login ID and Transaction Key?

Both your API Login and Transaction Key can be found under the Setting Menu on your Merchant Interface (on your account). Follow the instructions provided by to find your API Login and Transaction Key. Instructions can be found… Continue reading »

What is Auto-Billing?

Auto-Billing is a FreshBooks feature that allows you to automatically charge a customers credit card on a regular basis through a recurring profile set up in your account. How can I start using Auto-Billing? After setting up a recurring profile,… Continue reading »

What do I do when an online transaction fails?

Firstly, you will want to look into why it might have failed, as it fail for a few reasons: there could be a problem with the credit card used to pay the invoice, your online payment gateway settings, your merchant… Continue reading »

What does my Client see when I bill them using online payments?

When you send invoices to your clients via email, they just need to click on the link and it will take them into your FreshBooks account to the following screen giving them the option to pay the invoice online: After… Continue reading »

Online Payments – Do online payments work with multiple currencies?

If you have invoiced someone in a currency that is different from your default currency, then you CANNOT enable online payments. Most payment gateways will not work with a different currency and will process the sale as if it was… Continue reading »

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