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Payments Supported by Freshbooks

Note: Payments Supported by Freshbooks is only available to new US users as of July 21st, 2014.  The following only applies to those users. If you are an existing FreshBooks user that would like to sign up for a notification… Continue reading »

Does FreshBooks do payroll?

FreshBooks doesn’t have a payroll feature within the application itself. However, we partner with two payroll providers, ZenPayroll (for U.S Customers in select states) and PaymentEvolution for all customers in Canada. ZenPayroll is a simple and modern payroll solution designed… Continue reading »

Customer Ratings and Reviews Explained

So what does this feature do? The customer review feature allows you to ask your clients to rate and review their experience with you after work has been completed. Clients are presented with the option of rating your experience out… Continue reading »

Android Known Issues

App Crashing on Launch Symptoms – When attempting to launch the app, it crashes before you can interact with it. This has been determined to be caused by password manager apps such as LastPass, PasswordBox , 1password, KeeFox or DashLane… Continue reading »

Settings -> Misc

“Misc” (Miscellaneous) is a sub-tab within FreshBooks located under Settings. Take a look below to see the breakdown for what this tab entails! _________________________________________________________________________________________________ General 1. Lines Per Page  – This determines how many lines will show within each list… Continue reading »

Getting Started with FreshBooks

This webinar walks you through how to get your account set up along with a detailed walkthrough of how to use FreshBooks in just 30 minutes.

What do I need to prepare my taxes?

Happy Tax Time, one and all. What exactly do you need to know to file your taxes?  Whether you are working with an accountant or filing on your own, FreshBooks has information to help you out.  This guide will help… Continue reading »

What is an Expense Report?

The Expense Report breaks out all of your expenses into detail. You can run your Expense Report by going to “Reports” -> “Accounting Reports” -> “Expense Report” There are various options for running your report: 1. Date Range: You can… Continue reading »

What is a Payments Collected Report?

Your Payments Collected Report breaks out all of the payments you have recorded in detail. You can run your Payments Collected Report by going to “Reports” -> “Accounting Reports” -> “Payments Collected” There are various options for running your report:… Continue reading »

Journal Entries – Leave your Feedback!

Your feedback is our lifeblood, and we’d love to know what you think of the Journal Entries Feature. Please leave your thoughts below!

How do I Create a Recurring Expense?

Creating a recurring expense is easy! When creating an expense in FreshBooks, be sure to check off the box next to “Recurring”. You can then set the frequency, as well as the end date for the recurring expense.

What is a Profit and Loss Report?

A Profit and Loss Report (P&L) is a report that shows your total revenue, your total expenses, and the net income or loss resulting from the two accounts. You can run your profit and loss report by going to “Report”… Continue reading »

How do I cancel my FreshBooks subscription in iTunes?

To cancel your FreshBooks auto-renewing subscription in iTunes, follow these steps: From your iPhone/iPad From your desktop computer From your iPhone/iPad 1. View your Apple ID From your iOS device, open up the App Store and go to the Featured… Continue reading »

Google Checkout has been sunsetted… Now what?

As you likely know, Google has retired its Google Wallet product as of November 20th, 2013. Though they are not personally replacing the service, they have graciously recommended FreshBooks as a replacement for your billing needs. But what is FreshBooks? FreshBooks… Continue reading »

What do I do if I miss a payment to FreshBooks?

It happens to the best of us, we get a new credit card, update every possible account we can think of, and still manage to forget someone. If you received the “Your scheduled payment has been declined” email from us,… Continue reading »

How do I search for items using Negative inventory values?

As you may have noticed, you can not search through your items list using negative numbers in the “Inventory” field.  That query only accepts number values, and no minus sign (“-”). What we recommend doing instead is ordering your list… Continue reading »

Recommended replacements for Google Checkout

On November 20, 2013, Google will be retiring its online payment processor Google Checkout. If you are are currently using Google Checkout to process credit card transactions in FreshBooks and would like an alternative, we are recommending the following two… Continue reading »

What do I need to do to modify my FreshBooks subscription so that I can add more clients or staff members?

Your business is growing and you need to add more clients. Or maybe you added your first staff member to your company and you want them to track time or create invoices on the go (Congrats on your business growing!).… Continue reading »

Journal Entries – An Overview

Journal Entries Guide: Overview of Journal Entries Overview for your Accountant How to Send Journal Entries to your Accountant   What are journal entries? Journal entries are the building blocks of financial accounting, and are literally a ‘journal’ of all… Continue reading »

Journal Entries – An Overview for your Accountant

Journal Entries Guide: Overview of Journal Entries Overview for your Accountant How to Send Journal Entries to your Accountant Have feedback? Let us know!   Accountant Overview – Table of Contents Overview If I use QuickBooks, what am I importing?… Continue reading »

The Android app won’t authenticate on my device when I try to log in. What do I do?

The most common reason for authentication problems is browser-related.  The login process on Android will redirect you to on a web browser, where you can enter your username and password and get synced up to FreshBooks (we use OAuth,… Continue reading »

How do I log in and out of the Android app?

Logging in So you just downloaded the app and want to log into your existing FreshBooks account. Just follow these steps and you should be on the path to accounting bliss: 1. Tap the green “Get Started” button 2. Now,… Continue reading »

What does the Android app search against in the various tabs?

Need to quickly find a client or expense you filled on the road? With the super speedy search on the Android app, you can easily find the thing you are looking for so you can spend even more time on… Continue reading »

How do I add a client using the Android app?

Meet a prospective new client that you want to add to your cloud based rolodex? Just follow these steps to add a new client using the Android app: 1. Tap on the Client tab on the home screen 2. Tap… Continue reading »

What does the project budget bar mean and how can I use it to run my business better?

If you are on the list of Projects in the Android app, you might see some colorful bars. This budget bar will help you know from a glance if you are on track or have gone over budget for a… Continue reading »

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