Time Tracking, Windows Vista

Vista Time Tracker Gadget

Now you can track time from your Windows Vista desktop without being logged into FreshBooks.

The Time Tracking Gadget was built by FreshBooks customer, Andrew Flusche, a busy business lawyer with a refreshing philosophy.

I try to run a different kind of law firm. My philosophy is to find the best solution that is economical and pass the savings onto my clients. Other law firms would pay thousands of dollars on some software that is just for law firms.

FreshBooks gives my clients a way to access their bills and pay them, and that's very economical for me.

Important Security Note: It is not recommended to use the gadget on a shared computer, as your authentication token is stored as a gadget preference. If a malicious person got a copy of the token, he/she could access your account through the API. Only use the widget on computers with users that you trust!