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Skydeck is a service that automatically gathers your cell phone records from your cell phone carrier.

With the Skydeck to FreshBooks importer, automatically match your cell phone calls logged in Skydeck with your clients’ phone numbers in FreshBooks. Then, you can log the time you spent on each call to your timesheet where it will be ready to bill your clients.


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August 10, 2009
This feature doesn't seem to actually work, and there is hardly *any* integration with the Freshbooks interface. You have to use an external web form, and manually enter complex authorization information whenever you want to synchronize your calls. (or you could store this info in a cookie in your browser... *very* secure guys.... Bravo...)

There is no place that even has a FAQ on this feature and the support seems very poor. There is an entry in the support forums with less than 10 entries.

Evidently at least *one* person got it working (based on a forum post)

I signed up with Freshbooks primarily because of the promise of this feature, and I'm *very* disappointed that it's so miserably implemented and poorly documented. Hopefully they'll fix it. It sure would be cool for those of us that make most of our money billing clients for phone time...

I'll post another review if something changes... I intend to raise hell until it does...