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The simplest way to manage your contacts

Combining Highrise from 37signals with FreshBooks makes it easy to go from managing leads, to invoicing them as clients.  The Highrise sync tool lets you do this with a few clicks, no need to re-create your contacts in FreshBooks.

How it works

As your contacts go from leads to clients, you'll eventually need to bring them into FreshBooks for invoicing. All you need to do is add a tag to your contacts in Highrise, then login to the sync tool and pull your tagged contacts (or all of them if you want) into FreshBooks. 

Highrise - summed up

Highrise helps you keep track of who you've talked to, what you talked about, and what you need to do next. If you're looking for a simple, yet effective CRM tool, Highrise is the solution for you. 

What other FreshBooks add-ons does it connect to?

Highrise is integrated with Zendesk, MailChimp and Formstack.

Getting Started

Click on the Get Started link above to visit Highrise and sign-up for an account. Once you've setup your Highrise account you can setup the Add-on with the following steps,

  1. Login to your FreshBooks account
  2. Go to My Account and then Import and Export.
  3. Click on the Import from Highrise link.
  4. Enter your Highrise Subdomain and API Token, and authenticate your account.

You should now setup to use the Highrise Import tool.