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The simplest way to manage your contacts

Combining Highrise from 37signals with FreshBooks makes it easy to go from managing leads, to invoicing them as clients.  The Highrise sync tool lets you do this with a few clicks, no need to re-create your contacts in FreshBooks.

How it works

As your contacts go from leads to clients, you’ll eventually need to bring them into FreshBooks for invoicing. All you need to do is add a tag to your contacts in Highrise, then login to the sync tool and pull your tagged contacts (or all of them if you want) into FreshBooks. 

Highrise - summed up

Highrise helps you keep track of who you’ve talked to, what you talked about, and what you need to do next. If you’re looking for a simple, yet effective CRM tool, Highrise is the solution for you. 

What other FreshBooks add-ons does it connect to?

Highrise is integrated with Zendesk, MailChimp and Formstack.

Getting Started

Click on the Get Started link above to visit Highrise and sign-up for an account. Once you’ve setup your Highrise account you can setup the Add-on with the following steps,

  1. Login to your FreshBooks account
  2. Go to My Account and then Import and Export.
  3. Click on the Import from Highrise link.
  4. Enter your Highrise Subdomain and API Token, and authenticate your account.

You should now setup to use the Highrise Import tool.


Reviews of Highrise

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August 28, 2011
When will this be updated to support deals?
Bryan Casson
May 6, 2011
I am finding the Highrise add-on to be more trouble than good. If a client exists already in Freshbooks and then I go to add highrise contacts in simply adds everyone as duplicates into Freshbooks instead of asking me if I wish to add contacts that already exist. The drop down of clients in Freshbooks does not seem to work as the only option I get is "All clients"
Alec Kinnear
May 3, 2011
Normally we enter some clients into Freshbooks before they get into Highrise (i.e. certain kinds of referrals). Plus we enter up to date address and contact info into Freshbooks.

So quite often we need to sync Freshbooks back to Highrise rather than import new clients into Freshbooks from Highrise.

We need to be able push our Freshbooks database into Highrise and then sync it going forward. Currently not possible therefore this 1 time sync utility is useless to us.

37signals API will allow syncing in as well as simple export.

I hope Freshbooks solves this issue as it would make Freshbooks a lot more useful to us and save us a lot of duplicate data entry.
March 24, 2011
Hey Everyone!

We've released an update for the Highrise connector. Existing clients (based on email address) will now be updated with the latest information from Highrise rather than being duplicated upon first import. Also, we've fixed the issue where the connector freezes when encountering a Highrise contact without an email address. If you have any questions please get in touch with the FreshBooks support team.

Michael North
February 23, 2011
We can't use this addon because it HALTS when it encounters a contact without a value for an email address. There's no good reason why it should terminate the import process, rather than just skip over anything that it doesn't like.
Alec Kinnear
February 23, 2011
I have to agree with Michael. The sync tool is unreliable and dangerous (at least you can get a backlog of clients in).

Also, the Highrise API allows much more interesting things to happen like adding records to a client (i.e. all a client's invoices/Freshbooks emails could be added as notes to a client).

The Freshbooks integration with CapsuleCRM is much better. If you are not already on 37signals products, I'd look closely at Capsule. We have too much invested in Basecamp not to use the suite.
February 10, 2011
The sync tool works but is a hassle because you have to manually go into the settings and sync every day. Plus I get duplicates a lot so then I have to delete them.

This would be an amazing add on if it would send an email to the highrise email dropbox everytime it emailed a client.

Please update...
February 8, 2011
highrise is great tool for follow up but terrible with invoice system! highrise should have buy out freshbook and integrate it!
December 29, 2010
As with all of the products that have been designed on this platform, it will require user input to make this the ideal product. I have yet to be failed by any platform using a 37 signals base and I dont anticipate being disappointed now.

Our entire company has relied on this software since its conception! OUTSTANDING and Highly effective!

Thanks to the design team!

Please continue the feedback as it increases the usability of the program!
December 7, 2010
Why not simply create another email field to automatically include (well... checkbox to turn on/off) with all emails generated by Freshbooks. Have it bcc a highrise email dropbox like...

Then any time Freshbooks does any activity that generates an email, it will automatically be entered in the customer's highrise record.

I'm sure there is more to it and I'm just one month old with Freshbooks and 1 day old with Highrise, but that would seem to make sense and be easy. Not a perfect nor real data sync but nevertheless simple and effective.
October 6, 2010
Highrise is good at keep notes, emails and tasks about people, but it's terrible for tracking financials for sales. Integration with FreshBooks would be perfect for all the features Highrise lacks, but instead it's just a weak tool for importing clients. No thanks.