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Easy to Use
FreshBooks mobile apps are simple and intuitive, so accounting is quick and easy on the go. And, if you need it, a real, live person is always just a phone call away.

Work Anywhere
Thanks to the cloud, your business is accessible everywhere on your favourite mobile device. Your data is always backed up and secure, so it’s safe no matter where your phone ends up.

Save Time Billing
FreshBooks mobile apps are built for business owners to get organized and get paid. Track time at a coffee shop, log an expense from a cab, or send an invoice right from your client’s office.

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Reviews of FreshBooks for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Average Rating Based on 4 Reviews
February 9, 2013
I installed this app and login successfully.
But then It keep crashing.. Just end in 2 sec whenever I start app.
I reinstalled again and again but same.
Even I restarted ipad itselft but same problem.
Please help.
Francois A.
January 15, 2013
Great app. I'd love to have an Android version!
Jay Antoney
November 1, 2012
Great app, fast to enter expenses and invoices. Makes my life easy smile
LOVE how you can attach a photo of the receipt for an expense, however the upload compresses the image too much and you simply cannot read an A4 page with enough clarity to make it a viable copy for the tax office in the event you dont want to keep the original.
Else - great app!
keep up the good work.
Jean-Philippe Belanger
October 4, 2012
This app is realy nice! But there are an issu with expenses section. Each time i save my expense, the coma ( , ) move two number from the right.

Exemple : I wanna enter an expense of 12,63. When i save the app change the number for 1263,00.

can you fix this issu? I would appreciate it a lot

thank you very much and great app!

Love Freshbooks!

J.Philippe Belanger