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Online payments with great customer service!
Using Beanstream takes the pain out of getting paid online so you will get paid faster and even automatically by using the magic of FreshBooks recurring billing.

How it works
Between their straightforward monthly pricing, flexibility to cancel any time with no penalty, and their great customer service they are a great fit for any small business growing their business online. Beanstream connects to your FreshBooks account letting you accept online credit-card payments through your invoices. It is also compatible with the auto-bill feature -letting you set your subscription billing on auto-drive! Beanstream is great for businesses based in both Canada and the United States.

Get Started
To get your beanstream account, click on the Get Started link. Once you have a Beanstream account, then you can set it up in your FreshBooks account by,

  1. Going to “Settings” in the top right corner of your account and then to the “Online Payment” page
  2. Check off Beanstream under the “Auto-bill Capable Gateways”
  3. You’ll be prompted for three pieces of information from your Beanstream account: Merchant ID, User Login, and Password
  4. Save your changes!

You should now be set to accept credit-card payments through your invoices.

Reviews of beanstream

Average Rating Based on 12 Reviews
August 26, 2012
Their mobile payment app rocks!
April K.
June 17, 2012
I've been very happy with their service. Most of the other Canadian processors make you feel like a number, not a person.
April 12, 2012
Seems like they always answer the phone on the first or second ring and you always get a real person. Very happy with their service.
John D
April 11, 2012
Pleasant to work with. Good customer support. Competitive pricing.
March 11, 2012
They do not seem very proactive or worried about customer issues... they take their time to get back to you and seem to basically put the ball back in your court rather than work at fixing what the problem is. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Ever.
Kris LaGreca
February 4, 2012
A straight-up gateway service. Their website is a bit lacking but Chris @ the support desk is stellar. They always make you feel like your their #1 customer and take the time to walk you through stuff.

Finally, their rates are the lowest in the industry -- which is the primary reason to consider Beanstream.
Adam Becker
November 29, 2011
Love this company. Always someone who answers the support line - no phone labyrinth. Always answers to questions. Good follow-up to form enquiries.
L. Douglas
September 1, 2011
I'm reviewing the use of freshbooks and browsed this page; had to comment.

I've used beanstream for several years, and tried every other one over the past ten years. Beanstream have had their minor bumps, just like everyone has. However, the beanstream service and staff are the best in Canada. If you're looking for a business-class payment integrator, you seriously need to consider beanstream; they were recommended by the TD Private Banking group that my client's account was through.

As for the comments about small business not being on beanstream's radar; I have a <5 person shop working with beanstream and have received better vendor relations than I have received from other vendors working for a 4000+ person software company. So to be completely honest I find the two, seemingly separate, strangely similar comments on here as suspect and would urge anyone considering a payment gateway to first consider Beanstream as the leader in this category.
June 13, 2011
I would like to apologize on behalf of Beanstream. We value all of our merchants and are disappointed to hear about these poor service experiences. I assure you that we are looking into these issues so that we do not encounter this problem again. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call me.

Kam Kott
Sales Consultant
Beanstream Internet Commerce
a subsidiary of LML Payment Systems Inc

direct: +1.250.483.1238
sales: +1.888.472.2072 ext. 319
May 13, 2011
I contacted Beanstream twice for the application form. I spoke on the phone with one of its' rep. Rep said that would email me the application form, never arrived. Then the next day, emailed me a bunch of brochures/guide how to etc. I replied asking for the application. Rep replied already sent me the application and he would send me again, and then confirmed with him when I received it. Again, application never arrived. I didn't bother to contact him and neither he has contacted me to see if I have received the application. I think because I am a small online retailer that was why the rep doesn't care. Is this the kind of business service you would want them to handle your money? I would not. Even a dime!
Andrew H
April 30, 2011
Ali, you are basing your review off of a sales call rather than actual service?
I've had a Beanstream person follow-up with me from day 2 of filling out their online form, very helpful and straight forward. While I have not used their service yet I can say that you likely had an abnormal experience.

Also, Authorize.NET has been less then helpful after becoming a customer.
Ali Al-Khairalla
April 8, 2011
They seemed to have good features. BUT....

I have called this company twice, and filled out their contact form to setup an account. And they have never contacted me.

I do not recommend this company to anyone. I think they believe they are too big to deal with smaller companies. Try and iTransact they where great to deal with.

My 2 cents.