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Basecamp Classic

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Note: the Basecamp integration only works with Basecamp Classic. Those using the current version of Basecamp will not be able to use this feature in FreshBooks.

A new way to collaborate on projects

Basecamp is a clean and simple way to collaborate with your team, and manage your projects. Connect Basecamp to your FreshBooks account and use FreshBooks timesheets to keep track of your projects, or create FreshBooks invoices directly from your completed Basecamp projects.

How it works

There are two options with the Basecamp integration. If you’re already tracking time to your projects in Basecamp, you can pull your projects and time entries directly into an invoice, set your rates and send your invoice off to your clients. Or, if you’re looking to take advantage of the time tracking features in FreshBooks, you can pull your projects and tasks into FreshBooks and use the FreshBooks time tracker as you work on your projects.

Basecamp - summed up

Basecamp is great for teams looking for a new approach to project collaboration.  Share files, meet deadlines, assign tasks, centralize feedback, and make your clients smile. Basecamp tackles project management from an entirely different angle: A focus on communication and collaboration. Basecamp allows your team to effectively communicate the work they’ve been doing, and helps keep your clients in the loop.

What other FreshBooks add-ons does it connect to?

Basecamp also integrates with Tick.

Getting Started

Click on the Get Started button above to signup for a Basecamp account. There's a free plan for you to try it out! Once you've setup your account, you can activate the integration by taking the following steps:

  1. Login to your FreshBooks account.
  2. Click on the My Account link in the top right corner.
  3. Click on the Basecamp section.
  4. Check off the enabled box.
  5. Enter your Basecamp API token, URL and click on the save button.

You should now be setup to create invoices and track time for your Basecamp projects, from FreshBooks.

Where do I find my API information in Basecamp?
How do I create invoices from Basecamp projects?
How do I import Basecamp projects in order to track time in FreshBooks?

Reviews of Basecamp Classic

Average Rating Based on 16 Reviews
February 9, 2013
What kind of horrible rating system is this?! One star is selected by default? And you allow dozens of spam comments? What's the point?
February 1, 2013
Hopefully I can save you a few hours of your day...
If classic is okay with you, go for it.
I wish Freshbooks would put a tiny bit more effort into notifying us about this important gap other than displaying one line above. Classic even has a different logo now. Ugh. I want the two hours of my life back looking into Basecamp.
December 27, 2012
Really want to use the NEW Basecamp with Freshbooks... but they havn't develpoed the integration yet. The old version of Basecamp is outdated. I might just use them separately for now... BUMMER.
Jeremy Lewis
July 11, 2012
Freshbooks and Basecamp are both great, but the new version of Basecamp has severed our API connection. While the new version of the Basecamp is available, it doesn't seem to integrate with Freshbooks yet. We're now debating whether we need to roll-back versions of Basecamp or whether we should wait patiently.
Scott Howard
July 6, 2012
The new Basecamp is a vast improvement over the old one, but it does not yet integrate with Freshbooks. The new Basecamp is very attractive; it makes it easy to see what is being done on all projects; it has just enough features to get projects done, but not too many to be confusing. So far it is the best PM service I've used.
Michael M
May 10, 2012
The most recent version of Basecamp has completely changed the ui. So we have decided to give basecamp another shot. However, this changes the integration. I am unsure how to obtain the API token, or if it even works in the new version.
November 11, 2011
The Freshbooks-Basecamp integration is confusing and limiting with a choice of one of two one-way integration paths. Basecamp remains a clunky interface that's behind the pack in it's pricing and features, especially their refusal to provide a solid quick overview screen, with Gantt charts or any kind of charts. Deskaway seems to cover all the bases best at this point.
Sid 2.0
October 20, 2011
The basecamp API is actually located under the 'My Info' link, as opposed to the 'Account' tab.

We love the simplicity of Basecamp, and the fact it connects to Freshbooks, which in turn connects to Xero - a fully integrated system!
S Woodside
October 3, 2011
Works well for importing time, but doesn't allow me to set a default rate, which is intensely frustrating.
Atul Chaudhary
April 11, 2011
I have been using basecamp for 4 years now....It is getting better and better every day...I have several Project management tools but none come close to basecamp...My project are streamlined due to basecamp and clients are also happy to directly involved in the projects.
Thank you Guys !!!
Jeff Hachtel
February 26, 2010
I started using Basecamp to help me with all the projects I'm involved in at Church. Now, instead of everyone calling to see what's going on, or to get "that file" again, or emailing all over trying to agree on a text for the bulletin, they just log in to Basecamp and see it for themselves. Seriously, if you collaborate, especially with people who don't work for you, check Basecamp out. It just may save your keister.
Kevin Gilbert
December 21, 2009
It was slick when it was working. However, it is currently broken and very frustrating.
Joshua Brown
September 27, 2009
Basecamp helped take my freelance business to the next level. My clients can follow along as I work on their project and are able to see estimates and invoices and even pay online. There is also an awesome and easy upgrade/downgrade option that really has helped me keep expenses leveled based on the flow of my business activity. Completely recommended!
Yoel Ben-Avraham
July 30, 2009
I've been using BaseCampHQ and their associated HighRise products for years. It simplies communication between people working on the same project at different locations. My clients love it cause they get to see a projects status 24/7. I love it cause everyone knows who is responsible for what by when, and clients don't brow beat me with daily telephone calls "Is it finished yet?" Oh and the price is the kind of affordable monthly fee freelancers can afford. Try it out. Do a trial with a "limited account". Trust me, you'll be hooked after the first project!
May 7, 2009
Basecamp is a fantastic project management site that my design firm can not live without.